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Donor Conception

Donor Conception

Donor Conception

Donor conception through egg or sperm donation may be the only option for you to create a family.   Egg or sperm donor conception is not unusual.  It may be that your sperm donor is know or one that you have sourced online or via a sperm donor agency.  Whether or not the sperm donor becomes the legal father after a donor conception depends on many factors.  Please seek advice abut this matter before you start the process.

Please contact us for advice. We will advise you of your legal position whether you are a lesbian couple, single or a married / unmarried heterosexual couple.

It is important for you to get legal advice before starting any process. The legal relationships to the child are determined according to when and how the conception takes place and therefore, advice after the event may not be what you want to hear.

We will advise you on how to make sure that you are the legal parent(s) for the child.

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