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Step Parent rights

Mar 22, 2013 | HSarang | Children, Family Law Blog, Parental Responsibility

Step Parent rights “When is the right time to introduce my new Partner to the children?” Some parents introduce new partners to their children at the start of a relationship and some wait until they feel that the relationship is more secure.  

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Tony and Barrie Drewitt Barlow

Mar 11, 2013 | HSarang | Blog, Family Law Blog, Surrogacy

Tony and Barrie Drewitt Barlow So on Saturday morning I drove across to the lovely Maldon in Essex to meet with my clients and colleagues the charming Tony and Barrie Drewitt Barlow. The first gaydads to be named on their children’s birth certi

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Surrogacy India – Maternity leave

Mar 7, 2013 | HSarang | Family Law Blog, Surrogacy

Surrogacy India Surrogacy India news – In a welcome move, the High Court in Madras has ordered that a mother who had a child from a surrogate following a surrogacy arranagement is entitled to maternity leave in addition to securing medical bene

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Fertility Law Parenting Law

Feb 13, 2013 | HSarang | Co parenting advice, Family Law Blog

Lesbian and gay couples have been creating families for some time now.  Advice is required on Fertility law Parenting law. Fertility Law Parenting Law Lesbian couples will use known or anonymous sperm donors and gay couples will go through surrogacy

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Donor Agreements Co parenting agreements

Jan 22, 2013 | HSarang | Child Support, Children, Civil Partnerships, Co parenting advice, Donor agreements, Family Law Blog, Surrogacy

More and more lesbian couples are using known sperm donors to create a family.  At the time, they will have talked about the extent of involvement that the donor is to have in the child’s life but unless they have had legal advice, the couple and

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Nov 21, 2012 | HSarang | Family Law Blog, Surrogacy

Surrogacy I am seeing an increase in couples enquiring about surrogacy instead of adoption. Some say that the adoption process needs to be simplified to address this. However, I suggest that when you are dealing with a child who is not with his/her n

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Contact – Shall I relocate to stop my ex seeing our child?

Nov 16, 2012 | HSarang | Child Support, Children, Family Law Blog, Parental Responsibility

Hi there Thank you for the question. You tell me that contact between your daughter and her father is not working and you want to move location to get away from him. You need to decide whether contact is in the best interests of your daughter. She ha

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taking a child abroad

Oct 2, 2012 | Bohemia Law | Children

Q. I had for more than three years running trial regarding child contact issues. On the facs findings has been found that ex was abusive and violent, child had witnessing violent behaviour. Ex was seeing child on supervised basis for three year. Psyc

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Contact Order, Change or surname and new partner

Aug 13, 2012 | Bohemia Law | Children

Q. hi i was hoping u could help me please as i feel totally let down by my solicitor. my ex partner left me and my 2 children a year ago. it was all amicable and he would see them regularly and phone to speak to them most days but then he got a girlf

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Welfare benefits

Aug 13, 2012 | Bohemia Law | Children

Q. Hi, My wife and are have separated after 14 years, nearly 10 years marriage. We have 2 daughters, 4 and 7 and will be moving out the family home in May to live with my ex wife.I will be having the girls to stay with me on Fridays to Sunday or Mond

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