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Family Law Testimonials

Family Law Testimonials

Lawrie Jordan, TV Producer – co parenting agreement

I recently approached Harjit with a draft co-parenting agreement which I wanted her to advise on. Harjit took this on with great enthusiasm and came back with a very informed and encouraging response. She was swift, approachable and in my opinion first class in what is often considered a tricky area of family law.

Anonymous – Family Law

“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Harjit Sarang to anyone with matrimonial or family issues. Harjit is straight-talking, gives quality, tailored advice and will really fight your corner. Unafraid to take on even the most challenging cases, Harjit is a lawyer of excellent calibre.”

Police Sergeant – Children – contact – residence

“My wife moved over 200 miles away with our son without my consent. I saw Harjit on Thursday, we went to court on Friday and I had contact by Monday!”

Retired – financial settlement

“Harjit increased my settlement by £80,000!”

Married Couple – Surrogacy in India

“Harjit was our solicitor following surrogacy in India.  Harjit is a very knowledgeable, professional, warm and friendly person who empathised with our situation.  This was very important to us.  Harjit was always approachable and overcame all obstacles to secure our parental order.

We wholeheartedly recommend Harjit!”

Actress – financial settlement

“I transferred my file from previous solicitors to Harjit a month before my 3 day Final Hearing. Harjit skilfully negotiated a settlement to my satisfaction. I should have transferred my file earlier.”

Employed – children – contact – residence

“My wife took our children to Wales and refused me contact.  Harjit took on the case with a passion and not only secured me contact in a very short period of time but eventually she secured residence of all 4 children with me.   I cannot thank Harjit enough.  Myself, the children and my family are eternally grateful that we had Harjit on our side.”