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Fertility Law

Fertility Law

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Fertility Law – Surrogacy:

There are two types of surrogacy:

  1. Gestational / Host surrogacy: This is where the surrogate is implanted with an embryo created by you.  It may be that your eggs and sperm are used so the child is biologically related to both of you.  however, equally common is an embryo created using donated eggs or sperm.  One of you must be biologically connected to the child.
  2. Straight surrogacy: This is where the surrogates eggs are used and you donate sperm.

In both of the above cases the insemination will be artificial.

You may already know a friend or relative who has agreed to be a surrogate for you or, you may have found a surrogate from an agency (not for profit) in the UK.  It is illegal to advertise surrogates in the UK and commercial surrogacy is not legal.



Co-parenting is not unusual.  Alternative families are slowly becoming not so alternative!

Conception through sperm donation may be the only option for you to create a family whether you are a lesbian couple using a known donor or, an anonymous donor.


Donor Conception:

Conception through egg or sperm donation may be the only option for you to create a family. Egg or sperm donor conception is not unusual.

Please contact us for advice . We will advise you of your legal position whether you are a lesbian couple, single or a married / unmarried heterosexual couple.

It is important for you to get legal advice before starting any process. The legal relationships to the child are determined according to when and how the conception takes place and therefore, advice after the event may not be what you want to hear.