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Financial Matters

Financial Matters

You may need assistance in agreeing financial needs and obligations before, during or following a relationship or marriage.

Agreements may be negotiated out of court or using court proceedings. We will work with you to ensure a resolution that is swift, favourable and cost effective.

Prenuptial agreement

This is an agreement that declares your intentions as regards all matters financial, should your relationship break down. If the document is prepared correctly and regularly reviewed, it is more likely that the court will uphold all or, some of the terms contained in it. Relationships do sadly break down. There is no doubt that money disagreements are very costly.

Further, the courts discretion is very wide such that neither of you are likely to be 100% content with the final order made by a court. Don’t leave the division of your wealth to third parties.

Cohabitation agreement

If you are living together, you should consider an agreement that declares your intentions as regards all matters financial during the relationship and following relationship breakdown.

The law for unmarried couples in relation to financial matters is complicated and therefore agreements such as these are very useful to reduce areas of dispute and consequently reduce legal fees in trying to reach a resolution.

Separation Deed

It may be that you want to separate but you are not ready to divorce straight away.

If you have reached a financial agreement, transfer the terms into a Separation Deed to secure the agreement and declare intentions on the final division of assets when and if you eventually divorce.

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