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Why money is irrelevant in contact issues

Aug 13, 2012 | Bohemia Law | Children | No Comments

Q. hi ive split up from my ex partner for 8 months now we have a daughter thats 18 months i was seeing her overnight wed and sat one week then tue fri the other week alternating. Recently she wants me to just have her over the weekend but i dont want to go the full week without seeing her she said its for the reason of its breaking her sleeping pattern up and its too early for me bringing her back in the morning which i have too before work i just want to know what im entitled to how many nights im entitled too see her through the week as I’ve always payed maintenance and if i would be eligible for a contact order to go back to the original plan? Thanks

A. Hi there

Maintenance does not entitle you to contact. Contact is the right of the child and occurs if it is in her best interests to maintain a relationship with you. It sounds like you are a devoted father and want to see her as much as possible. For contact to be reduced is unacceptable to you because you want to see her more. I advise that you try and discuss your feelings with the mother and try to reach a compromise that suits the child. Sometimes children are ok waking up very early whilst others are not. You need to work together to agree a solution because you have many years of joint decision making to go yet.

If you do not succeed, try mediation or ask your lawyer to write a letter. Ideally, try to work it out between you amicably.

Good luck

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