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Residence or Contact Order

Aug 13, 2012 | Bohemia Law | Children | No Comments

Q. I have a SRO and PR but what can I go for next? I finally have a contact order but my ex is not giving me her new address or telling me who she is living with? Can I make her give me this information as she has mine? Thanks

A. Hi there

Do you mean a shared residence Order or contact Order? It is not clear, as for the address, if there is a risk of harm one party can withhold an address. As for who she is living with, do you have any specific concerns about the company that she is keeping? To a certain extent, you need to trust each other with the children including which adults you choose to have in the house unless there is a reason to suspect that the children may be at risk of harm. You need to be specific about your reasons and concerns. Inform your lawyer and consider writing to your ex.

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