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Whether you decide upon Gestational / Host or straight surrogacy,  the insemination must be artificial.

  1. Gestational / Host surrogacy:  Your surrogate is implanted with an embryo using IVF procedures.   One of you should be biologically related to the child.  If you are in a female same sex relationship, one of you will donate the eggs and use donor sperm to create the embryo.  If you are in a male same sex relationship, one of you will donate sperm and use a donor egg.  If you are a heterosexual couple, it may be that the embryo is created using your eggs and sperm or with a donor sperm or egg.
  2. Straight surrogacy:  Your surrogate is inseminated artificially with the sperm from one of you if you are in a male same sex relationship or, the male partner if you are in a heterosexual relationship.

You may already know a friend or relative who has agreed to be a surrogate for you or, you may have found a surrogate from an agency (not for profit) in the UK. It is illegal to advertise for surrogates in the UK. Commercial surrogacy is not legal.

Whatever, your situation, whether you are using a surrogate in the UK or abroad, it is essential that you get legal advice before the process begins because the legal relationship that you have to the child is determined based on when and how the conception took place. Your marital status and the marital status of the surrogate is also relevant.

International surrogacy is increasingly common. As above, you need to get advice before the process begins and you also need expert legal advice from a lawyer in the country where the surrogate resides and the child will be born.